Bernie's Agenda Will Transform Our Society

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is a historic opportunity to bring democratic socialist politics to millions of people. When Bernie says “not me, us,” he’s talking about an urgent political project: building a mass movement of working people that can change society. We’ll start with Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, powerful trade unions, tuition-free college, and an end to mass incarceration – but we won’t stop there.

We Are Building a Mass Movement

Democratic Socialists for Bernie is a national campaign by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), America’s largest and fastest growing socialist organization, to bring together the “us” that will put Bernie in the White House, and then go on to create the grassroots political pressure needed to transform our economy and politics into a true democracy, where ordinary people have everything they need to live free and flourishing lives.

Democratic Socialists

Millions of ordinary working people already support Bernie, and his policy ideas enjoy majority support. The DSA backs Bernie because we think his campaign and his ideas can help us build a mass working-class movement.

Join Our Campaign

Our Bernie campaign will unite DSA chapters, activists, and socialist organizers across all 50 states. DSA activists will hit the streets to talk to hundreds of thousands of people about Bernie, democratic socialism, and our movement to transform the world. Join us!

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