for Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism in 2020

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We don’t yet know what the outcome of the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign will be. But we do know that, win or lose, our fight against the capitalist class is just beginning. The DSA for Bernie campaign, the DSA Medicare for All campaign, our fight for a Green New Deal, the election of DSA members up and down the ballot, our support of unions, workplace organizing, and street protests — as well as the many other DSA projects building power all over the country — are all interconnected. They are the tools we use to help build the working-class movement. Through each campaign, DSA members become stronger organizers, sharper political actors, and more committed socialists.

Without that movement and the leaders we develop through it, the bosses, the Democratic Party, the CEOs, and those who fight for the interests of big business will continue to win. They have consolidated wealth, lowered wages, gutted our social services, and bought countless politicians to represent them. They have been winning the class war.

But things are changing. For the first time in a generation the working class is in motion at the same time that an American socialist movement is waking up. People are starting to believe in the power of democracy again. The power of organizing. This is our moment. We have a world to win — now, let’s organize and win it!